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Create in your project a new Ado.Net Entity Data Model. Notice your ModelNamespace.

Finish the wizard.
Save edmx file.

Edit edmhelper config file:
<!-- edmx file -->
<add key="edmx" value="Edmxfile.edmx"></add>
<!-- imput files -->
<add key="ssdl" value="ModelNamespace.ssdl"></add>
<add key="csdl" value="ModelNamespace.csdl"></add>
<add key="msl" value="ModelNamespace.msl"></add>
<!-- sql connectionstring -->
<add key="connectionstring" value="server=(local);integrated security=true;database=YourDB"></add>
<add key="ignoreprocgen" value="false"/>
<!-- genereate only for the following procedures : comma separated list -->
<add key="splist" value=""></add>
<!--exclude the following procedures : comma separated list -->
<add key="exclusions" value=""/>

Run the following command:
EdmGen.exe /mode:FullGeneration /project:ModelNamespace /provider:System.Data.SqlClient /connectionstring:"server=(local);integrated security=true;database=YourDatabase" /Pluralize


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